5 ways to improve willpower

improve willpower

Willpower is an important skill which is required in all walks of life. Better willpower helps us to focus on our specific goals or targets without being distracted. By improving willpower, you can also get better self-control. You can improve willpower by doing simple training or exercises which I have discussed here.

1. Be yourself

It requires a lot of effort to suppress one’s normal personality, behaviour and own preferences. But doing so depletes one’s willpower. According to psychologists, people who show this type of self-control to please others are more easily depleted their willpower than those who hold true to their own decisions or desires.

2. Be mindful of your decisions

We often get too lost in our thought that our actions become automatic. Take some time to think before making any decisions, ask yourself why you are taking this step or decision. Always try to be more mindful of your decisions, stay calm and conscious before making any judgment. In this, you will gain better self-control as well as better concentration power.

3. Develop good habits

Stress is one major factor which depletes our willpower. When we are tired or exhausted, we often succumb to some specific behaviours which we would rather work against. By making little bit changes in our lifestyle and developing good habits, you can surely manage your stress significantly.

Research shows that people with good habits have the better ability to deal with daily stresses. Maintain a food dairy, studies shows that keeping a food dairy highly improve willpower. A Food Diary also increases your ability to resist temptations. You can also take smart drugs like ‘nootropics’ which almost instantly boost willpower.

4. Physical exercise

Physical exercise is the most important activity which we all need to do in order improve our willpower as well as to stay fit both physically and mentally. Regular workout lifts our mood, improves sleep quality and reduces our anxiety levels and unwanted fat quantities of the body. It also gives us better concentration power. With daily workouts, you can experience a significant improve in your energy levels and a decrease in your daily stresses, you will be less tempted to smoking and drinking alcohol, etc.

5. Learn to meditate

Try to do at least 15 to 20 minutes of meditation on a daily basis. Meditation gives the fastest result for improving willpower than any other workouts or tasks mentioned here. A mindful meditation will not only improve your willpower but also will resist your urge to wander. Research shows that practising meditation regularly for 15minutes largely improves our energy levels, gives us the ability to focus better and also effectively reduce our daily stresses.


Like our body muscles, willpower can be strengthened with proper exercises or practice. Remember, that willpower can’t be improved in a single day. It takes enormous effort and time to overcome habits of many years. You need to work hard to acquire better willpower.