6 Steps to Remove Acne

Remove Acne

Acne is one of the worst nightmares when you want to have a beautiful face. The vast majorities suffer this problem during adolescence and then completely forget about it. However, there are those who find themselves in the need to look for options to eliminate the acne that they undergo throughout their life by hormonal questions and habits. Luckily, ending acne is not an impossible task. That, yes, will require some effort and a change in certain customs.

Here are some steps that will help you achieve this goal:

What is acne and why does it appear?

Let’s start with the basics: understand what acne is. Acne is a skin problem that is characterized by the formation of pimples, blackheads, red patches and inflammation of the skin.

The reason acne appears is that the sebaceous glands work in excess. This causes an accumulation of fat, dead cells and bacteria, with the consequent inflammation of the pores and the appearance of acne.

Steps To Eliminate Acne

You will not be able to look beautiful if you do not give yourself time to take care of yourself. Follow the steps below to remove acne and correct the problem quickly.

1. Hydrate

You need to drink 2 liters of water per day. This helps to remove toxins from the blood and the outside of the cells.

Thanks to the dissolving power of water, these toxins can be eliminated through urine and sweat.

It is estimated that 72% of the skin is made up of water. So, you should keep this ratio if you want to eliminate acne, avoid it in the future and maintain healthy skin.

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2. Watch your eating habits

Your diet directly influences the health of the skin. While natural foods nourish your skin and embellish it, you should avoid foods made from sugars, flour, refined oils or saturated fats.

We know that sweet cereals, pastries, pastries, chocolates, cookies, jams and similar products are a fundamental part of our diet, because of the simple and economic results.

The problem is that the consumption of these products causes:

  • The onset of unwanted acne
  • Increased insulin levels
  • Alteration in the production of androgens
  • Excess fat on the skin

3. Makeup

We know that the idea of leaving your house without makeup maybe seems crazy. It is no secret that almost all women use it, at least occasionally.

Although the makeup is ideal for highlighting the facial features and achieve an elegant, modern, delicate and sophisticated look at the same time, the following considerations should always be taken:

  • Try to choose good quality products.
  • Choose products suitable for your skin type.
  • Every night removes the makeup completely.
  • Try not to apply makeup one day a week for your face to rest.

4. Maintain proper facial hygiene

To eliminate acne and keep the skin soft and free of impurities, there is nothing more advisable to bring good hygiene. To effectively eliminate acne is important to wash your face frequently with warm water and neutral soap.

You can also choose to use a gentle makeup remover appropriate for your skin type. Then, remove the residue with a clean, soft towel to remove the grease residue from the skin and prevent irritation.

It is also recommended that, once a week, apply an exfoliating. While there are several commercial options, we recommend you try some papaya, rose water or yogurt.

5. Sleep as needed

Sleeping 8 hours a day helps to relax the body and facilitates the detoxification of the skin. If you do not sleep as necessary, your skin will have trouble renewing itself and will accumulate fat and toxins.

A good rest will help you:

  • Eliminate Acne.
  • Avoid the appearance of dark circles.
  • Improve your performance and concentration.

In case you cannot sleep 8 hours at night, try to take a little nap during the day. This siesta should last between 20 and 40 minutes.

6. Review which medications you take

Some cases of acne are not due to lack of rest or poor nutrition but are a side effect of some medications. Those who cause acne most often are birth control pills.

Before leaving these medicines completely consult your doctor. Sometimes acne appears only in the first few weeks as your body adapts.

If acne is not reduced with the passage of weeks, ask for some alternative that does not cause this problem.

Do not overlook your routine to eliminate acne

Many people give up on their attempt to eliminate acne. Although it is ultimately about your decision, you should know that you do not need to live your whole life with this problem.

Combat it is really simple and, although the results may take a time to appear, over time you will see a big difference.

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