Bad luck? Discover how to turn negative thoughts into positives

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Everyone at some point in our lives goes through bad luck spells where it is almost impossible to keep positive thoughts. While we have learned to have a more optimistic view of life, sometimes we lose that mental strength that keeps us standing to continue fighting for our goals and although sometimes we try to do things right, along with the way we find obstacles and mistakes that make us feel frustrated and incapable.

The truth is that it is essential to maintain a good attitude in all situations because, difficult as it may seem, is the only way to move forward. Because of this, today we want to dedicate this space to a series of tips with which you can achieve a more positive mentality, especially when things do not go very well.

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Heed the mind

Paying attention to our mind is one of the first steps to ending the negative thoughts that hinder our lives.

The internal dialogue allows us to know if we are criticizing severely, or if we are putting mental barriers like “you will not be able” “why do” or “everything you do wrong.”

It is important to take control of what we think. Thus, it is essential to recognize what is negative and seek a solution for it.

Evaluating ourselves without attacking ourselves, creating new goals and being more mentally open will allow us to take a big step to overcome any obstacle.

Write thoughts

Many find it difficult to think clearly when negative thoughts are invading the mind and are connecting with each other.

In these cases, the most convenient is to take a notebook or sheet of paper to write what happens to us and, in this way, identify what things are doing us wrong.

This simple therapy can be a great help in releasing bad energy, especially when we do not want to talk to someone close to us.

Relativize thoughts

To assert our thoughts, to close our minds to possibilities and to bring all situations to extremes, makes us fall into a serious error when we are doing wrong.

Being rigid and absolutist prevents us from looking further when, perhaps, the solution is closer than we think.

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Try to activate your questioning and ask yourself again, without closing your mind, why things happened and what possibilities exist to overcome them.

Release the fears and decide

To change negative thoughts when we are going through difficult times it is necessary to let go of the fears and make new decisions.

  • Although the new failures fit into the possibilities, it is always necessary to keep in mind that in order to achieve success it is necessary to fail.

Therefore, instead of thinking about how bad things can happen, it is best to visualize how many good things can be achieved by taking new steps.

Change the attitude

The mood can go to the bottom when things do not go as we want or “we have bad luck”.

This leads to completely negative attitudes that, directly, influence our way of living, thinking and relating.

Thoughts such as “how bad I feel”, “today I will not leave because I feel bad”, “everything goes wrong”, among others, make you lose mental strength and, in turn, lead to episodes of stress, anxiety, and depression.

  • What few are able to imagine is that something as simple as changing the attitude can be decisive to take better directions.
  • Repeat each day “today I feel good”, “I can do it” and the like, it will promote self-confidence and give way to new possibilities.

Activate positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are those phrases that we can repeat aloud to fight the thoughts that prevent us from moving forward.

They are phrases full of feeling and emotion that, in saying them, give us a feeling of conviction and truth.

These phrases we can invent ourselves thinking about the goal we want to achieve, or we can take them from the thoughts of some authors.

They can be said every morning at the beginning of the day, just after getting up, or even at night during a relaxation and deep breathing therapy.

Ready to transform your thinking? If you have not done well lately and the negative thoughts are taking over your life, put the tips mentioned here and practice them so they do not hinder you.

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