Remove Acne
6 Steps to Remove Acne

Acne is one of the worst nightmares when you want to have a beautiful face. The vast majorities suffer this problem during adolescence and then completely forget about it. However, there are those who find themselves in the need to look for options to eliminate the acne that they undergo throughout their life by hormonal […]

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face cloth
Reduce your face cloth with 5 natural treatments

While the lemon juice can be very effective to clarify the stains caused by the cloth is essential that we apply it at night to not get unwanted effects. The cloth, also known as melasma, is a dark-colored spot that often forms in the large part of the face due to alterations in melanin production. […]

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enviable smile
Tricks to have an enviable smile

We cannot forget that the natural tone of the teeth is not white, so to show an enviable smile we do not have to have a perfect and unblemished. That our teeth look radiant sometimes is not an easy task. And is that enjoy an enviable smile depends on many factors: genetics, good health, food […]

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almonds to lighten your skin
5 ways to use almonds to lighten your skin

To obtain the best results with these masks to lighten the dermis try to be consistent with your application and do not forget to moisturize the face well after removing them. Is clarifying your skin one of your goals? In that case, you should know that almond, a dry fruit recognized for its delicious taste […]

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Natural Almond Oil
Natural Almond Oil: Benefits in Beauty and Health

Almonds are nuts rich in vegetable oils very appreciated in the kitchen because their delicate flavor makes them ideal for the preparation of salty and sweet recipes. But almond oil also has properties that are useful in cosmetics and health. Although more data on the properties of the almond oil are needed,  it is attributed […]

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