Belly Fat
How to Get Rid of White Belly Fat

Fat cells are around the body but mostly concentrate around the belly. When white fat accumulates in the same place longer, it creates loose fat, stretches the skin and thus destroys the body’s figure and even more importantly, raises the risk of heart disease.

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the limbs
Ways to lower the limbs or slips in the waist

Being overweight is not always synonymous with poor health. In fact, there are many overweight people who are in excellent health. On the other hand, there are people with good weight, but who have metabolic problems directly related to obesity, which results in the uncomfortable fat stored in the abdomen. That is why in this […]

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Chronic Stress
When chronic stress puts your health at risk

Why can stress make you sick? Read this article and learn how the body reacts to stress. Your body is programmed to react to stress and face the multiple demands of each day, such as assuming a heavy workload, making ends meet with money and caring for the family. However, sometimes you may feel as […]

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improve willpower
5 ways to improve willpower

Willpower is an important skill which is required in all walks of life. Better willpower helps us to focus on our specific goals or targets without being distracted. By improving willpower, you can also get better self-control. You can improve willpower by doing simple training or exercises which I have discussed here. 1. Be yourself […]

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Bacteria And Virus, Those Little Bugs That Make Us Sick

Bacteria and viruses are so few bugs so small, so tiny, we need a microscope to see them . That is why we call microorganisms. We live stuck in a world full of bacteria and viruses we interact with in our daily lives and can provoke some diseases. There are differences between bacteria and viruses […]

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Five Simple Rules That Protect Against Colds

1- Warmed at home Firstly, you need to protect yourself from possible hypothermia. When changing the climate, our body becomes much more susceptible to hypothermia, so no warm things you cannot manage. After all, you have to resort to a certain reserve of warm clothes. Do not forget to wear them, before you get off […]

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Sinusitis: How To Avoid And Cure

A runny nose is a very unpleasant disease , in which laid the nose, difficulty breathing and there is discomfort, and it can appear in both winter and summer. To let things drift should not be because the common cold can lead to serious consequences, which will require a long and arduous treatment. How dangerous […]

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Antioxidants: Facts And Myths

Along with the growth of interest in their own health a growing interest in antioxidants. However, the main feature of any word of mouth is the ability of all the “little” exaggerated. That’s the topic of antioxidants has brought a bountiful harvest fictions and myths, in which we try to understand. But first, a little […]

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