natural remedies
How to treat eye infections with 5 natural remedies

The eyes are not free from infections and often these can originate in both the inner and outer eyelids. It is a common ailment in the population, caused by the attack of viruses, bacteria and fungi that, when they proliferate, generate an inflammatory reaction. Symptoms include a constant itching and irritation, usually accompanied by redness, […]

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fluid retention
7 tips to take care of to avoid fluid retention    

Edema, popularly known as fluid retention, is one of the disorders whose cases have been increasing alarmingly in recent times. Although it is not a disease as such, its onset triggers a series of reactions that, among other things, may alert pathologies of greater care such as kidney failure or arthritis.

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Apple Vinegar
Apple Vinegar: new uses are discovered

Excessive consumption of vinegar in our diet can cause lesions on the gastric mucosa and damage the enamel of the teeth. To reduce weight, to calm sore throats and even to control blood sugar and fats, apple cider vinegar has multiple applications that have been investigated in various scientific studies.

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Put this simple anti-aging cure into practice: You’ll love it!

You know that as regards the passage of time there are no miracles. Nothing can stop the biological clock and prevent the appearance of wrinkles, be sagging and occasional blemishes on the face. However, with adequate habits of life and permanent care, we can slow their progress and bring our age, whatever, with greater integrity […]

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Yoga Sutras
Yoga Sutras: A Lifestyle Uniting Body, Mind and Spirit

While we talked about the physical part of yoga we cannot forget that yoga means a union of body, mind, and spirit. And it is only when we attend to the three planes there is balance and balance leads us to harmony and well-being. While it is true that for most people yoga is synonymous […]

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Homemade Protein Shake
How to Make a Homemade Protein Shake

Protein shakes are mainly used by athletes as a dietary supplement. Among its many functions are: increase performance, increase muscle mass, lose weight, etc. There are many commercial preparations for this purpose, which usually come in the form of powders to dissolve, but it is also advisable to prepare them yourself, ensuring that you will […]

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Belly Fat
How to Get Rid of White Belly Fat

Fat cells are around the body but mostly concentrate around the belly. When white fat accumulates in the same place longer, it creates loose fat, stretches the skin and thus destroys the body’s figure and even more importantly, raises the risk of heart disease.

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How Many Types of Allergies Are There?

The allergy is an exaggerated reaction of our immune system to agents that for other people are harmless. When the body of the allergic person detects it immediately creates defenses to protect themselves. Although it occurs throughout the year, it is true that it identifies more with spring because of allergy to pollens and that […]

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Bacteria And Virus, Those Little Bugs That Make Us Sick

Bacteria and viruses are so few bugs so small, so tiny, we need a microscope to see them . That is why we call microorganisms. We live stuck in a world full of bacteria and viruses we interact with in our daily lives and can provoke some diseases. There are differences between bacteria and viruses […]

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