Clarify the stains on your face with this mask of aspirin and yogurt

aspirin and yogurt

Although the ingredients of this mask are very effective, being natural may take a little longer to offer results. We must complement them with a balanced diet and an effective sunscreen to protect our skin. Continuous exposure to the sun’s UVA rays and hormonal changes are the main causes of blemishes that affect the beauty of the skin.

This condition is becoming more common in the population and although many products have been designed to prevent them, some people continue to develop them in several areas of the face. The problem is that the commercial treatments to reduce them tend to be very expensive and, unfortunately, not all have enough money to acquire them. In addition, some of the chemicals they contain are not wholesome and, on sensitive skin, can cause adverse reactions.

The good news is that there are low-cost solutions that, with ingredients easy to acquire, help to clarify these alterations without exposing the skin to aggressions. On this occasion, we want to share a mask of aspirin and yogurt whose application helps to significantly improve the appearance of the face.

aspirin and yogurt

Aspirin and yogurt mask to lighten facial stains

Aspirin is a drug that has become popular in recent years as an economical ingredient to alleviate many skin problems. Although its main applications have to do with ailments and cardiovascular health, its chemical compounds confer interesting benefits on skin health. It concentrates a liposoluble substance known as hydroxy acid which, because of its effects, is being used in the manufacture of creams and exfoliating products for the skin.


This substance minimizes the appearance of blemishes, improves the healing process and, if necessary, removes impurities that accumulate on the surface of the face. Its salicylic acid also gives it an anti-inflammatory and anti-aging action that, after being assimilated in the skin, combats acne and premature age signs. In this case, we enhance these effects with the wonderful properties of yogurt, an ingredient that has been used for decades as a natural cosmetic. Its lactic acid, in addition to its antioxidants and probiotics, regulates the pH of the face and favor the elimination of dead cells. It has a lightening and repairing effect that, applied in a recurrent way, significantly reduces the presence of spots and scars.

How to prepare this mask of aspirin and yogurt to lighten the skin?

To prepare this mask of aspirin and natural yogurt you only have to invest a few minutes and very little money.

While its main purpose is to reduce stains, it can also be prepared to regulate the production of oils and clean the pores.

Even, it is a good choice to reduce the negative effects of free radicals, especially when the body tends to accumulate toxins.


  • 6 aspirins
  • ¼ cup natural yogurt (50 g)
  • 2 tablespoons honey (50 g)


  • Put the aspirin tablets in a mortar and crush them until you get a powder.
  • Put them in a clean bowl and mix them with natural yogurt and honey.
  • After obtaining a creamy paste, proceed to apply it.

Mode of application

  • At night, just after removing the makeup and washing the face, extend the mask to cover all stained areas.
  • If you like, you can apply it on the neck and décolleté to take advantage of its anti- aging benefits.
  • Wait for the ingredients to act for 20 minutes and remove the excesses with warm water.
  • During washing, make gentle circular movements on the skin to facilitate removal of dead skin.
  • After the treatment, apply a moisturizing product to reinforce its effects.
  • Repeat your application at least 3 times a week and additionally make sure you use sunscreen every day.

To keep in mind!

  • Although the ingredients used in this treatment do not usually generate unwanted reactions, it is best to do a small test in one area of the face before using the entire product.
  • In case of itching or irritation, avoid use.
  • The rinsing of the skin does not occur immediately and it is necessary to make several applications to see a noticeable change.
  • Its effects must be supported by a good diet, in addition to daily water intake and the use of mild cosmetics.