Dietary supplements slimming: the new thumbs to lose weight

lose weight

Probiotics, ultra-targeted molecules. Special dietary supplements slim down, in line with scientific discoveries. Coupled with a healthy lifestyle, they can be valuable allies.

Women are no longer willing to believe any marketing promise selling fewer pounds and fine waistlines.

Since the banning of dangerous cocktails spiked with amphetamines, candidates for thinning turn to -numbness- solutions proposed by the herbal medicine. Hunger – apple pectin, konjac, nopal etc., draining products (artichokes, hibiscus, cassis), fat burners – mate, bitter orange, green tea etc. These plant actors are far less suspect than their ancestors. Are they effective?

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Probiotics for Intestinal Assimilation

Among the assets that have the wind in their sails, the revolutionary probiotics are imposed, among others, as major supplements slimming. This is what is supported by Andre Girard, author of “cancer – obesity, the weight of lies. For the naturopath, Lyonnais, “some women eat like ogres and remain thin when others take a kilo while eating an apple; this inequality in power lies in the composition of the microbiota, the ecosystem of bacteria that colonizes the intestinal wall. “

The latest research shows that not only the flora of obese individuals is different from that of lean individuals, but also that the obesity epidemic is striking the West is related to the overall consumption and deterioration of the quality of food. That’s why the doctor recommends pampering our stomach, this “second brain”, and the quality of our intestinal assimilation.

The probiotic Lactobacillus gasser (L-gasser) has shown its efficacy against obesity in studies conducted in Japan (always associated with food management and physical exercise). There are currently products like Parma Regular, very rich in glutamine, known to be the food of the intestinal cell “illustrated Andre Girard. And regenerated the intestinal barrier will promote food processing nutrients rather than bad fats.

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Fat burners, under certain conditions

To curb unwanted fat, André Girard advises sensors fats family of chitosan (a derivative of shellfish), this substance creates a gel in the intestine, making sponge office in fat, then evacuated by stool. Side fat-burning, naturopath shows a preference for grains of green coffee, especially that of Vietnam. It concentrates a maximum of chlorogenic acid (molecule little used to date), the agent that makes it effective.

Annie Casamayou, however, alert on the operation of these booster’s calorie consumption, “When we eat less, the metabolism base – is what the body needs for its operation in rest mode decrease. Doing sports increases it. The fat burners, too … but only the time of treatment. When you stop, it’s better to increase your dose of physical activity so you do not have to take it all again.

Increasingly targeted “slimming” molecules

Annie Casamayou reminds the BA of weight loss: one must expend more calories than one assimilates; it means to play sports and see his power over the long term, and not just the time of a regime. One can lose weight without dietary supplement, and these do not always help to slim down. In short, they do not do a miracle but they reassure and can give a boost.

The practitioner gladly shares some good plans with those who will be able to review their plate and put on their sneakers. If it does not recommend the use of training products – “you lose the weight of the water you drain; And when you stop treatment, the water comes back, the pounds with, “Annie Casamayou trusts two ultra-targeted substances. First, alpha lipoic acid encourages the body to store carbohydrate in the muscle rather than turn them into fat. Segundo, she tryptophan’s – a family of molecules which are then metabolized into serotonin, the neurotransmitter that regulates satiate- reduces sugar cravings in the late afternoon – a typical symptom of deficient serotonin.

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