Five Simple Rules That Protect Against Colds

1- Warmed at home

Firstly, you need to protect yourself from possible hypothermia. When changing the climate, our body becomes much more susceptible to hypothermia, so no warm things you cannot manage. After all, you have to resort to a certain reserve of warm clothes. Do not forget to wear them, before you get off the plane.

These queues at customs and baggage claim are long, and even in the hall of the airport are cool, and drafts have not been canceled. Once home, about your toilet as itself – it is better to be the first week home to dress warmer than freezing at the bus stop or on the subway.

2- Proper nutrition against colds

Secondly, you change your eating habits, at home, we are not waiting for all-inclusive when the table is a large amount of fresh fruit on our choice. Some prefer the pill, but I am not one of them. Vitamin C, which is most strongly influenced by the state of our immune system, I prefer to get out of the broth hips, which can be added to any tea, making it even tastier.

Also, the first thing I buy a jar of honey, not only in the supermarket, and a friend’s beekeeper. Bees worked for me all summer, for which I am grateful. A bit of honey, but do not forget that honey from the heat becomes a dangerous product, bread, breakfast, sets me up for the whole day and protects against colds.

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3- Prevention

Third, the prophylactic administration of anti-cold medicines, no, I am not in any way do not recommend you go to the pharmacy. Take a teaspoon of tincture of porpoise on a glass of water and drink this solution on an empty stomach, at least once a day.

Also, just for our arrival, ripe main “pill” for colds – raspberry. Eat a cup of raspberries or two a day, it does not hurt. It can take on the job, as a light snack or even dinner. I have not seen a man who could eat at one sitting more than half a kilo of raspberries.

4- Save the immunity

Fourth, as we change your diet, you need to be very careful. After all, 80% of immunity as assures us a well-known advertising are in our intestines. The first few days immediately after arrival, should refrain from visiting places of catering, even those we have previously visited very often.

Let your body get a little bit of time for adjustment. Well, it is desirable at this time not to overeat, in general, limiting all it is fried, fatty, well, and you know that.

5- Be careful with alcohol

Fifth, there is no secret that many of us necessarily raise glasses with friends “for coming.” Then it is better that these glasses was only one kind of liquid, ideally – bitters, or any good balm. Oh, and the measure should be all right, otherwise – hangover almost certainly added a runny nose and cough. Feast best spent at home to immediately after wrap yourself in a blanket and go to sleep.