Physical Activity During Fasting

Important factor

Raising various issues related to the fasting wellness, I absolutely lost sight of this important aspect of how physical activity. During fasting like a constantly lie, feeling of weakness and fatigue, even if nothing is done. Of course, happen and periods during which there is an unusual lightness of the body, I want to run, jump, do physical work, but these periods do occur less frequently than periods of weakness, at least for me.

When do you not want to get out of bed?

But in any case, it is impossible to give into these states. Since during lying all processes in the body, including cleaning, the maximum slow down. Without a certain level of physical activity cannot be without. Conversely, too intense exercise, require not only a large consumption of energy but different materials in the body. For example, during strength training or fast running, our muscles are formed microcracks that then overgrown, thereby increasing the amount of muscle.

What happens in the body during fasting?

During fasting the body’s acute shortage of protein – the main building material, so such loads, which are likely to micro damages muscles strictly contraindicated. Lack of proteins during starvation so severe that even for such an important process as the transport of fat from our “beer belly”, in the places where they will be converted to energy and water, is built entirely on a different circuit.

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Transportation of fat in the body

Since fats are not soluble in water, they cannot move through the blood vessels other substances for this in the body there is a special mechanism. Fat droplet coated with a protein shell and in this form is transported through the blood vessels.

Fasting, when the protein is missing, this shell becomes very thin, and sometimes torn, releasing the fat inside the vessel. Since fat may occur in blood vessels, the cause of many cardiovascular diseases. That is why the camps are so many people with poor nutrition, poor on protein foods, and heavy physical labor, so many people died from these diseases.

Physical exercise

During fasting requires a balance between exercise and rest. The best kind of activity, in my personal opinion, is a walk in the fresh air. I try to walk several times a day, but if I feel a very strong fatigue or pain in the muscles, then immediately go back home and go to rest.

Activity during fasting and weight loss

Following the changes in their weight, I came to the conclusion that his loss is not strongly associated with the intensity of my walks in those days, when I was going through a lot of weight went differently. The distance that I walk, usually close to 7 kilometers per day, and for once I pass no more than 3 kilometers. The fresh air, the sun, is also the good effect on the body. The same vitamin D can be produced in the body when exposed to sunlight. Horizontal bar, push-ups, and other available for all strength exercises, I put off until the end of exit from starvation.

What is harmful and what is useful?

Some popular authors writing about fasting, the same Bragg, boasting all sorts of achievements during fasting. They say they are not taking any food they were going up to the mountains or ran with good speed certain distance. Based on my experience, I am very skeptical of such stories. I could hardly repeat them, and even if it could, it would have dealt a serious their health, and, most importantly, totally unnecessary blow. Why do that if I decided to go hungry in order to improve your health and lose weight.