Spine Is The Source Of Many Of Our Ills

Many of the problems that we suffer have their origin in the Spine, it is the support, defense and stamina, which sustains us and protects in all situations of life.

Today, there are many people who have back problems. Its symptoms are usually very annoying and painful and many are related to poor posture and muscle stiffness that accumulates on the shoulders and back. Therefore, care is vital to improving the musculoskeletal system and maintain good posture.Spine

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Spinal column

In the spine is the spinal cord, central nervous system component, whose proper functioning depends on proper spacing and alignment of the vertebrae according to the physiological curvatures.

Without the column, we collapse, it also symbolizes our energy required is the malleability and our resistance to the events of life. Deviations of the spine, are related to the innermost part of our energy system.

In a lock, physical pain, feelings of helplessness, the feeling of not being able to endure the burdens of life, an unmet affective or emotional need, etc., we feel attacked in our security and integrity appear.

Every thought, emotion, situation response are recorded in the column as well as in different areas of the body affected.

With scoliosis, we know the name of the curvature of the spine, in the form of S. Scoliosis, is attributed to poor posture, held in infancy. Sufferers have muscle weakness and planes ligaments and sometimes feet.

The problems of the column itself and those derived therefrom, are considered disease, the problem is that many of these diseases produce symptoms that are hidden taking painkillers, making infiltrations or even surgery, which is often unnecessary and almost all seek with X-rays or scans.

In our culture we consider normal for the elderly have dragged their feet and incontinence and solve it with sticks and diapers, the easiest without seeking the true origin of the evil solution, the column among other possible organ damage.

Continuous constipation or irritable bowel syndrome, which has, among its components, a matter of column.

Tired from standing, knee pain, cold feet or very hot, constipation , bowel and bladder problems and some are back problems.

Also, bursitis and carpal tunnel problems are related columns. A migraine is another problem of cervical that can be corrected with exercise and diet.

The medicine treats these issues separately when they actually have to do with the column and many of them can be treated with exercise and grooming, easy to make.

In the neck, we have 7 cervical vertebrae, which when misaligned produce some of the disorders mentioned above, being all organs of the upper body, including teeth affected. Dentists should have skills to treat the column by the importance this has in the mouth, because, correcting damage to the teeth, can cure some problems related to it.

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A dentist error, however, small in one shutter slightly higher than necessary can cause certain muscle chain reactions that will harm the health of the column and thus the entire body of the patient.

We understand that this can happen :

The highest tooth does not let the other teeth touch at a time.

This uncomfortable feeling is perceived quickly getting used to this pre-contact. But this ACCOMMODATIONS causes the body to defend against changes perceived unconsciously putting devices act to prevent it.

One of them is slightly moving the jaw to not feel the highest tooth, altering the fit of the entire mouth.

But this imbalance also unbalances the neck muscles , affecting the position of the head relative to the shoulders, which have a somewhat higher shoulder than the other and therefore will suffer the trunk musculature causing curves in the spine as a result there will be a small rotation of the pelvis so that one hip is slightly higher than the other and the corresponding leg also shorter than the other.

You can check with that example how complicated is the balance that is so necessary for our health and how it can break harming our health.

Many of the neuralgia, are caused by deviations from the spine , whether they are in the face, limbs or back .

To learn how to have the cervical , we can do this exercise

Lying on the ground, not in bed or on a stretcher. We hand by the neck, on the right side. As for touching the left ear. If the hand goes largely it has problems curvature.

To find out if there are problems bending your waist you turn to put her back on the floor, not in bed, we put the right hand below the waist, to see if it passes. If you pass with ease or in part, there are problems with the curvature.

Correcting many of these problems is simple, but requires time and patience