The Best Cold Medicine Available To All

People sick at all times, just before they went to the doctor or pharmacist, and now they no longer rely on television advertising. When the disease becomes severe, then the doctor called to the house, listen to his advice and recover. It takes a year or less, again appears the same symptoms, but the man does not remember last year’s advice and ran to the pharmacy because he recently saw an advertisement “newest” product, which is to get rid of all cold symptoms after the first dose.

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The history of medicine and pharmacy

Just over a hundred years ago there was no such thing as “pharmaceutical company”, drugs made in pharmacies directly. Prices of medicines kept at a low level, because if one pharmacist puts more margins, then the customers can simply go to another pharmacy and there to buy them right medicine. The scientist who discovered a new drug research and published his recipe for a new drug became available to the public; each specialist could find it in the pages of medical journals and play for their patients. Therefore, doctoral appointment and called still “recipe” – the doctor wrote a prescription for a particular drug pharmacist how to cook, and the pharmacist preparing for it a cure for the common cold or other illness.

However, research became more expensive, the scientist could no longer afford to keep entire laboratory and pharmaceutical companies have emerged who have been defending their right to the formulation of medicines. The essence of pharmacy has changed completely now the pharmacist does not need to know chemistry; his work is not much different from the work of the seller in the grocery store. Here is a brief history of medicine.

The cure for the common cold – a great business

It would seem that the system has turned out perfect – scientists have received money for their research, then science must take a step forward, but human greed changed all that. Pharmaceutical companies are spending more money than the laboratory and research, and banal advertising. Why pore over the tubes without the guarantee of a positive result, it is easier to get people to buy something that is already there. Do you think that pharmaceuticals are growing rapidly? You are mistaken, most modern medicines for colds used paracetamol, aspirin or Analgin, all the other components only complement the action of these substances. Aspirin was opened in 1853, paracetamol – in 1886, Analgin appeared in 1920. What modern drugs!

What is the cure for the common cold?

The common cold – is the process of eating our body by bacteria, penetrated through the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. With them fighting immunity from all the medicines, the bacteria can be harmful antibiotics only. All other types of medications only relieve symptoms, thereby preventing the body to cope with infections. The heat needed for the reproduction of immune system cells, and coughing or sneezing helps remove accumulated mucous bacteria. Antibiotics – like napalm, drink antibiotics for colds, it is like watering the city with civilians tons of napalm, when in the basement of a house sat down terrorists.

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The best cure for the common cold

Bed rest, plenty of water and vitamins – all that is necessary for our body to successfully repel the attack of pathogenic bacteria. Do need no drugs, while your body will cope with the infection, but if the white blood cells and phagocytes begin to lose this battle, then no “weapons of mass destruction”, that is antibiotics, cannot do. This point can be determined only good doctor, it is not necessary to start taking, it can lead to serious consequences.