The Body Temperature Of A Healthy Person

Many people believe the increased or decreased body temperature, a symptom of the disease. But not everyone is the same, there may be some deviations from the norm. Different measurement methods can give different results. What kind of temperature is normal and where it is measured?

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What temperature is normal?

Perhaps the main medical fact, which is known to all from the very young age, is the one that the normal temperature of a healthy person should be 36.6° C. Our body is a very complex mechanism that even modern science has not yet been fully studied. The symptoms of many diseases are very similar to each other, many of them even almost invisible. But the temperature measurement can be performed easily and quickly. This leads to the fact that many people find fever most important symptom and it is for determining whether or not they are sick. In such organizations, cheerful, like an army, it very widely uses lower-level bosses – if a person has not risen temperature, it is healthy and can fulfill all of their obligations, for example, to walk in the ranks in the cold. For most students the thermometer becomes a good way to miss a class – when you do not want to go to school, you just need to show my mother that body became hot by one degree.

Where has a person the temperature 37°c?

But not so simple with our bodies. Do you think that’s right now you have these cherished 36.6° C.? Oh, wait. Even if your body has a performance as close to the middle, and even then the temperature is different in different places. So arm you must be 36.5° C, one tenth lower than the rate you were known. And if you take a thermometer in your mouth, as you often see in Hollywood films of the last century, he must show that he is an absolutely healthy person, the temperature is 37 degrees. And it is absolutely normal.

And if you measure the temperature rectally imagine how the baby, you can see already 37,5 ° C, which will cause some concerns, but this is absolutely normal temperature. I hope that it does not read such students, as I was myself, and then they will be an able to uncomplicated way to make his parents nervous, measuring in this way the temperature that would be to stay at home after the weekend.

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What is considered normal?

Yes, even in different armpits, the temperature is uneven. On the left, closer to the heart, it will be higher at 0.1-0.3° C. By the way, if you spend an experiment, and the performance you will be different, greater than these figures, it is an occasion to go to the doctor – to the side where the temperature is higher, possibly inflammatory process has begun. If we take a maximum temperature difference, in certain moments, for example, after intense physical exercise it in different parts of the body, such as muscles and internal organs, may vary as much as ten degrees! But do not worry, you are unlikely to capture this difference. What would you measure it in such places, it is necessary to have special equipment, rather than the usual, mercury or digital thermometer?

Yes, and at different times of the day, your temperature will fluctuate within tenths of a degree, depending on the work and eating. In the morning, it will be a little lower, and rise towards the end of the day. And with age, it also varies. Children usually “warmer” than the old. But all these fluctuations, in a healthy person, do not exceed the limits of one degree. You probably want to ask, so what is the temperature of a normal healthy person. The answer is, the norm is the warmth of your body, which is in the range 36.3°-36.8° C. At certain points, it can reach from 35.5° to 37.4° C, but for a short time, then should return to normal limits.