Tips and exercises to help develop memory

To improve memory, you need to know a few basic principles of storing and use them regularly.


Attention and memory are closely related. No attention is impossible to remember anything. The most common cause of forgetting – a distraction. For example, instead of focusing on memorization, we often are thought somewhere far away. For good concentration needs a favorable environment. With the lack of concentration of information will not be digested and will not come to a memory storage.

Meaningful learning

It is well known that memorizing and then repeating like a parrot – completely effective way. And it’s really true. To keep the information in mind, you need to understand what is at stake. After all, understanding is the basis of memory. Strange ideas are quickly forgotten. Therefore, to improve memory, you need to understand the meaning of what you are going to remember. This method helps to question yourself. Natural supplement Phenylethylamine (PEA) will improve your learning capacities. As it improves cognition and assists with the intake of information.

Visualization and feelings

Mental images play an important role in remembering information. The image is held in the memory is much better than words. Therefore, visualization is used to memorize verbal material with the help of the emotional component of visual associations. And while it is important to involve all the senses, sight – the first of them.

Consider anything is possible in different ways – for example, closely and in detail, fully aware of what you are doing at this moment and look at that. It is much more efficient than trying to remember something, looking at him with a corner of his eye, briefly, in general terms.

Association: the creation of links

Creating association allows establishing the relationship between people, objects, images, ideas, and finding something in common between them.

Some associations occur naturally and do not require thinking, and for others, you will need imagination. This technique is very effective for storing and reproducing information, as closely linked to the imagination, which allows us to turn words and ideas into images; and images, as we have said, are remembered more easily.

Location in space

It must have happened at least once in life to lose the keys or any other object in the apartment. What did you do? Probably, mentally repeat the entire sequence of his actions until the detection of loss. So you’re trying to remember where they put it. Location of the object in space is important to remember.

How does it work? Let’s say you need to remember 10 words:

  • Millimeters
  • Revolver
  • Car
  • Hypothesis
  • Manuscript
  • Elephant
  • Certificate
  • Housing
  • Writer
  • Interlocutor

Imagine a real familiar space or route: let it be the way from your house to the subway, office or shopping center. Clearly define ten places or streets, located on it. Draw them if necessary. Now mentally put every word on any of these places and walk through space, to create in the mind of the plan area. You will see how easily you will then remember these words.


If you find a logical connection between the different elements, remember they will be much easier. If you need to memorize long number, for example, 10378695, you can speculate as follows: 10 – it is the same that the sum of 3 and 7 – the first pair of numbers; on followed by 8 and 6, 7 situated between them, constituting a row  6, 7, 8, repositioned; and the last pair of numbers – 9 and 5, which can be represented as the sum of 1 + 8 = 9 and difference of 6 – 1 = 5.

Categorization, regrouping, structuring and division into its component parts

Categorization, regrouping, and structuring – a way of ordering information. Finding order in places where it seems to be there – a great memorization technique. For example, if you share a shopping list on the group of products in accordance with the shops where they are sold, it will be easier to remember it.

Remember the numbers of the seven numbers is much more difficult than a phone number, numbers which are divided into groups of two or three characters. Information separation into individual fragments makes memorization. In general, better remembered all that can be divided into parts.

Giving context

As a rule, the assimilation of information is stored as the time and place in which remembering occurs. We all happened to greet a person the street, although we cannot remember where we know him. In order to better remember, it is necessary to link-remember with a certain context. Information learns in the context of better recall if the context fragments are present in the recall.


Any unusual, strange, unlike anything else or absurd thing to remember better than usual. For example, color and motion contribute to securing the information in memory. It is much easier to remember the contents of the movie than the book; the text underlined colored lines than plain text. Invent bright auxiliary parts – for example, put a ring on a different finger or scarf to tie the knot.