Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight You Should Avoid

Lose Weight

For various reasons, many people must resort to various methods to lose weight, especially for health reasons. It is no secret that the best way to lose those extra pounds is through regular exercise and a balanced diet, which combines nutrients from different food groups, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc.

However, there are those who resort to certain methods that can endanger health, often with the intention of achieving the desired results in less time and with less effort. Find below those unhealthy ways to lose weight that you should avoid.


It has become commonplace to resort to laxative medications to lose pounds quite quickly. The great disadvantage of this method is that, although it is lost but almost immediately by removing liquids stored in different parts of the body, especially in the intestines, it does not eliminate accumulated fat, which can cause the worst problems Associated with being overweight. In addition, if laxatives are abused, a dehydration point can be reached, which can endanger the well-being of the organism.


One of the most mistaken ways of trying to lose weight is to undergo eating regimens that incorporate long periods without eating anything. One of the most harmful health effects of this method is that not only deprives the body of fats and carbohydrates containing more calories but also obstructs the consumption of vitamins and minerals so necessary for the proper functioning Of the organism.

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Another effect of spending long periods of hunger is that the body reacts by slowing down the speed of metabolism, which means that the body tries to “save” all that accumulated fat to use when needed since it perceives no food entering the digestive system. Thus, in addition to making the mistake of not incorporating essential nutrients, it slows down the burning of calories.

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Smoking to lose weight

It is not necessary to mention all the harmful effects on the health that the smoker produces. Even so, many people, especially those who have smoked previously, resort to smoking to lose weight. In fact, smoking causes anxiety not to be satisfied with food, so if you lose weight, but the health problems that can cause smoking are so counterproductive that this method is completely discarded.


Of course, one of the most worrying mistakes, which is also a serious emotional problem, is to resort to vomiting freshly ingested foods, with the intention of preventing the body from absorbing the calories contained in these foods. Remember that if you know someone who suffers from this disorder, you can help that person by reminding them of the risks they are exposed to with this habit and recommending him to seek professional help.

Remember again, if you can turn to regular exercise and a balanced diet, you do not have to expose yourself to these unhealthy methods.